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Hello Parents and Shoppers,

As a parent myself, I understand the need for
information.  Children as well as the products that
service them grow and change over the years. As a
parent who has worked around infant and toddler
products for the past several years, I have seen this
change first hand. There are many options now that
weren't available when my daughter, now six, was
born. I have sold, used, and bought some of these
exciting products for my daughter.

There are so many stores that overwhelm parents
upon entry. I was one of those parents. It is not easy
walking into a big box store and find the right item
that will work for you. My goal here is to bring YOU
the parent/guardian products and services that can
aid in making your lives more manageable.

Parenting is not an easy role. Keeping up to date on
the new car seat laws and standards can be a daunting
challenge considering the duties parenting demands.
Have you ever opened a car seat manual and felt like
you needed to be an engineer to understand the
installation?  Don't feel bad so did I.  I became
educated over the past four years on car seat safety. I
am now a staunch advocate of protecting children
while they are in vehicles.   

I have created an inventory of items that are tried and
true and can make your life easier. My job is to bring
you items that will aid in comfort, safety and
convenience. Take  a look around and see how Mike's
Baby Shack can help you.
Happy Shopping


As your child
gets older
home safety
becomes more
and more
important. Child
proof you home
with some of
these great
Your baby's life is
precious and we
know it. Check out
how are products
can help and
protect your child
A parent's life is
always on the
go.  We offer
products that
will aid in
making your
busy life easier!